Hamilton’s Honour

Hamilton’s Honour is Leicester’s first boutique health and fitness studio.

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of service and facilities in a home feel studio in partnership with Technogym and Oadby House.

First Technogym in the Midlands with Excite Live!


Hamilton’s Honour is for those individuals who are passionate about health and fitness, but who want to work out in a truly unique and relaxing environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday gym. Through providing exclusive limited membership, we ensure members have a spacious studio with the latest and most up to date equipment provided in a sleek environment.

Here at Hamilton’s Honour, we are focused on a person centred approach to fitness.

The fitness studio includes two large individual changing and shower facilities combined with separate toilets for both male and female to ensure members have the luxury of their own privacy, all of which have disabled access. There are lockers available for both clothing and small accessories. To ensure that the studio’s members have easy access to the studio, there are multiple free car parking spaces and car parks close by.



We are a unique community with a team of professionals offering an authentic and holistic training experience. From the first time gym goer to the elite athlete, we welcome members of all abilities to join.

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We invite you to try our premium “1-on-1’ service and enjoy the experience of training effectively with no distraction or interruption.

We guarantee you will achieve your goals and have a positive training experience like no other. Incorporated with tailored nutritional guidance, our goal is to ensure clients become the best version of themselves. All Personal Trainers at Hamilton’s Honour have the highest qualifications in health fitness and nutrition. Each individual Trainer specialises in their own department ensuring that you have choice and flexibility when working towards achieving your health and fitness goals.


Hollie Thompson
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Charlotte Jane
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Megan Gallagher
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Anthony Baird
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Hollie Thompson

Level 4 Personal Trainer – specialising in obesity and diabetes
Level 3 GP Exercise Referral
Level 3 Ante and Post Natal Exercise
Level 3 Nutrition to support physical activity
Level 2 Exercise to Music
Level 2 Mental Health Awareness
TRX (suspension training)
First Aid

I specialise in working with clients who want to lose weight or change their body composition in a sensible and consistent way. I work with a deep correlation of nutrition and exercise and always help clients move away from fad diets and ‘sparkly’ results.
If you want long term results you have to make long term habit changes in exercise and nutrition and this is what I help clients do, very effectively.

I have a First Class Hons Degree in Dance, however during my time at University and my own weight loss journey, I decided that the fitness industry would be my career.
I began in a commercial gym, training clients, as well as teaching up to 20 exercise classes per week. After a few years I landed a job as a tutor within the fitness industry – educating and qualifying new personal trainers. I have transitioned out of commercial gyms over the past 7 years and moved into freelance Personal Training and tutoring/assessing throughout the UK.
In more recent years I have reduced my classes whilst having two children, but now successfully manage online and face to face personal training – I’m really looking forward to having a new base to personal train clients from!
I have worked in the fitness industry now for 11 years, and I love it even more than when I did my first PT shift. It grows and changes at a rapid rate, but my morals and consistency to the industry and my clients remain true.

Anything active – my passion for physical activity is me to the core – I love being outdoors and running around with the family, going for long walks at the weekend, or chasing my kids around soft play! Any opportunity to go and do something active with my friends, I’m there!
I love to learn! – the problem is, I can’t sit still! So I’m always listening to educational books and furthering my knowledge and understanding of the fitness industry and all its components.
Food! – I love it…and I love helping others understand it better. So, making recipes, trying new ideas or eating out are always a part of my week.
Taking part in others fitness classes – I love to drop in at my instructor friends classes when I get the chance – it normally makes them panic and think I’m assessing them! But I’m there for me – to zone out and to enjoy some expertise training!

07734 440 288



Charlotte Jane

BSc Hons Sports Therapist
Level 3 CYQ Personal trainer
Level 3 Pilates Mat instructor
Level 3 CYQ Diet and Nutrition
Pilates for common orthopaedic conditions
Pilates for pre and postnatal clients
Pilates with small equipment
Level 2 Management and Nutrition for diabetes
Leadership in running fitness
Suspension Training
Indoor Cycling (Spin)
Level 2 Kettlebell instructing
Diploma in hot stone massage
Diploma in Indian head massage
Diploma in Pregnancy massage
First aid at work

Pre and postnatal Pilates and fitness, prevention and rehabilitation from injury.

I have worked in the fitness industry for almost a decade, I have worked with a huge variety of clientele from those who have never exercised to people training for fitness events. I have a passion for being able to help people change their lives through fitness. I believe that physical and mental health come hand in hand and being someone’s personal trainer is way more than helping people get sweaty.

I have completed a fair few half marathons and long distance bike rides, I have also competed in a couple of body building competitions. I don’t have one particular hobby, I just love being active. I thrive off giving myself a challenge, one which when originally set seems almost impossible.

07507 938 894


Megan Gallagher

Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training

I specialise in working with clients who want to become a stronger, healthier version of themselves. I aim to educate you with the tools you need to be using in and out of the gym so that you are equipped to reach goals beyond what you think you are capable of achieving. Whether you want to lose weight, grow some muscle, or reach a specific goal, I can help you!

I have 3 years of experience in the fitness industry, however I started my own training nearly 10 years ago. My spark to learn has stayed consistent throughout this time, and increasing my knowledge whilst the fitness industry itself has rapidly developed has lead to me starting a career in personal training. 

I am always looking for a challenge so you will often find me training in the gym and aiming to beat my personal bests! I also love going out on long walks with my dog and spending some time outdoors. Reading and educating myself on the latest research in fitness is also something that I do a lot of in my spare time. Outside of being active, I love going out for food, especially if there are food markets with different stalls so that I can try new things!

For enquiries – 07551166865
To get started – Sign Up Form (https://form.typeform.com/to/Mc3DxWRH)


Anthony Baird


Level 3 Advanced Trainer
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Fitness Testing

Exercise Nutrition

TRX (Suspension Training)

Pad work

If I had to narrow my skills down to a specific set I would say I specialise in body transformations, maintaining lean muscle tissue whilst losing body fat, improving sleep, digestion and stress along the way.

I started my Personal Training Career in 2015 since then I’ve completed over 12,000 hours of 1-1 coaching.

I’ve coached pretty much every type of person you can think of all with varying goals, abilities and needs. From everyday people who have never set foot in the gym to professional and semi professional athletes.

Coaching is what I love doing, regardless of the goal or current abilities that the client has. Watching them progress and reach their goals is a great feeling and one of the reasons I love my job.

When it comes to personal training I understand there is far more involved then simply the hours I see my client in the gym, changing habits and building routine around daily activities and diet is key to long term success which is why support outside of the sessions is a must and included within the coaching package.

I also train clients online for those who want my services but aren’t able to access the gym. This works great for clients in different times zones or people who tend to work away for long periods of time.

Where do I start, most things that involve exercise and food! As cliche as it sounds I love training, mostly for bodybuilding (resistance training) I’ve tried powerlifting and tend to try a bit of everything to develop my own skills as a coach.

I tend to go through phases of playing squash and cycling but my go to hobby that I never seem to tire of is MMA, I’ve been doing it for years and really enjoy the process of learning, developing skills and getting fit at the same time.
I enjoying learning and developing my skills in regards to training and nutrition.

I’m also a big foodie and love eating out so if you need food recommendations just ask!

For enquiries – 07496175989



Hamilton’s Honour offers therapies that are key to good health and fitness including physiotherapy and chiropractic adjustments.

This model adds a holistic dimension to your health and fitness goals which is a fundamental aspect of contemporary health practices. The Fitness Studio has fully qualified Therapists and medically experienced Practitioners, we will work synergistically with its Practitioner’s in order to provide you with supreme professional advice and treatment.

Roop Ki Rani
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T- Rehabilitation
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Glo With Zi
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Gayatri Babhania

Having been in the Beauty industry for over 30 years, I bring to you my expertise and Beauty at it’s very best.


1989 International Aestheticienne Diploma in Beauty Therapy

1990 Diploma in Ears/Nose Piercing

1990 Diploma in Cosmetic Camouflage

1991 Diploma in Bridal Hair, Make-Up & Henna

1993 ITEC Diploma in Electrology

1997 Certificate in Star Nail Extensions

1997 Level 1 & 2 Certificate in Aromatherapy

2000 Certificate in Veribel Bodyfast Treatments

2000 Certificate in Epil 2000 & Red Vein Removal

2000 Certificate in Body Piercing

2000 Certificate in Kyido Intensive Manicure System

2001 Certificate in Eyelash Perming

2001 Certificate in Beaulite IPL Hair Removal

2002 Certificate in Hopi Ear Candles

2005 Certificate in Advanced Hot Waxing

2009 Certificate in Pulsar IPL Hair Removal

2010 Diploma in Microdermabrasion

2011 Level 2 Diploma in Therapeutic Hypnosis

2013 Certificate in Eyelash Extensions

2013 Certificate in In-Spa IPL Hair Removal

2014 Certificate for Pharmaclinix Trained Consultant

2016 Certificate of Proficiency in Chin-Up Mask Training

2019 Award in AET Teacher Training

2020 Certificate of Excellence in Cuccio Luxury Mani/Pedicure


I specialise in Bridal Make-Up, Hairstyling and Henna. Although, this is my speciality, I am qualified in Hypnotherapy as well.


Over my 30 year journey, I have appeared on TV shows such as:

2009 – ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ (BBC)

2010 – ‘The Shaadi Show’ (Sky TV)

I am also the Official Hair & Make-Up Artist for Bollywood singers for their Concerts.

As well as this, I have been awarded The 2016 Inspirational Woman of the Year Award and was a finalist in the 2020 NBL Beauty Awards.

Hobbies and Interests

During my spare time I enjoy using the gym, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Additionally, to raise awareness and money, I support several charities.

Furthermore, I volunteer for LEBC, providing students with Work Experience and careers advice. I also offer Make-Up Masterclasses for NCS students.





T- Rehabilitation

Tommy Howell


BSc Sports and Exercise Therapy

Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

Certificate in Cupping Therapy

SST Registered

I am well versed in a variety of conditions, helping to limit pain and restore functional movement.

  • Musculoskeletal Pain/Injuries- Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Back Pain, Hip pain, Knee pain, Elbow pain, Ankle pain, Foot pain, Hand pain, and mobility dysfunctions.
  • Return to sport/exercise rehabilitation- Guided exercise plans for each stage of recovery.
  • Massage Therapy

I have been involved in the rehabilitation of sporting and non-sporting people, with my career starting at a community-ran injury clinic. Since then, I have and still currently work in semi-professional football, in both the male and female game. My role is to provide immediate care, diagnose injuries, and lead players through their rehabilitation process. I have now moved into the private sector, starting my own business. Helping people get to a pain-free life.

Hobbies/ Interests
I have a deep-rooted passion for health and wellness! In my spare time, I learn about all things fitness. I often spend my free time in the evening reading and watching educational resources that will further my knowledge.

I particularly love weight training, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Boxing, enjoying the strong-willed nature and problem-solving aspect of them. I will never say no to any activity that involves getting my heart beating faster. I also enjoy going to see live music, whether that be a small gig, concert, or a festival.

For enquiries- https://bookings.gettimely.com/trehabilitation/bb/book


Glo With Zi



Vitamin B12 £20
Vitamin C £20
Vitamin B-Complex £25
Vitamin D £50


Wellness Drip £100
(Contains a high dose of Vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin C)






MOBILE 07726313731



Food Prep Leicester strives to offer clients the freshest, macro calculated meals without compromising on taste to help you with your fitness journey. Crafted in our 5 star hygiene rated kitchen, right here in Leicester by food safety level 2 certifies staff.

Choose from our wide range of carefully prepared dishes, with a whole separate vegan menu as well as halal options. We also offer individual services for those with tailored plans.


Food Prep



37-41 London Road

Phone: 0116 296 7751

Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 7am - 9pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm